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Custom Polymer Clay Cutter - handmade earrings - handcrafted earrings - Saint Petersburg, Florida

Custom Polymer Clay Cutter


This listing is for a custom 3-D printed polymer clay cutter using your own design.


This listing is for a SINGLE CUTTER, not a single earring design.

Price varies based on design complexity. Please self-rate the complexity of your cutter and I will work with you to adjust if needed. Use the below examples as an aid in deciding:

- Simple: simple geometric shapes, custom arch sizes, simple organic "pebble" shapes.

- Moderate: Text, simple stamps, organic shapes such as leaves and flowers.

-Complex: indentation/cutter combos, fern shapes, faces.

if you require a mirror of your cutter please check that option as well.


Designs must be your own original work. 

All I need from you is an outline drawing (can be hand drawn, as long as the photo taken of the drawing is directly above and centered on the drawing) as well as a dimension so I know how big to make it. If you require another cutter to mirror your design please note that as well. Within 24 hours of purchase, please send your image in .JPEG format to I will contact you with any issues or adjustments that may need to be made.


A custom, one of a kind clay cutter! I will not recreate your design for sale or for personal use. This cutter will be your own!

3D printed clay cutters are 13 mm deep, with a sharp cutting edge of 0.4 mm. Parts are cleaned up for any strings after printing but are not sanded. The color of your cutter may vary as I use different filament based on what's available. Due to the time it takes to print each cutter (average of 2-3 hrs,) Lead time may be up to 3 weeks.

If you have any questions about the above, feel free to reach out and ask! I can't wait to create with you!

Design Complexity Simple
Mirror No

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