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Oval Hoop Guides (Set Of 2)

Oval Hoop Guides (Set Of 2)

Hoop Guides are great for making perfect oval hoops every single time.

✨The best part is they are oven safe! Hoop guides are very easy to maintain if cared for properly by cleaning and storing properly between uses.

✨Clean with warm water. You may use soap if you feel it's necessary.  Dry with a lint free cloth. Use tape to gently pat the guide free of any hair, lint or dirt. 

✨When removing from the oven, let the guide and your newly baked hoop fully cool before manipulating to avoid breaking your hoop or damaging the guide.

✨Keep lint and dust free by storing in a dry, reusable plastic bag

✨Oven safe up to 300F

🎥 Click the link here to watch the demonstration video. 


MADE TO ORDER. Allow 3-5 business days for order processing; 5-10 days for preorder.

Material color may vary.

Disclaimer: Using light colored clay may result in a slight transfer of color from guide to clay. Using a dab of acetone on a Q-tip will remove discoloration after baking.


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Oval Hoop Guides

Love them!! Also amazing shipping! Everything was so fast.

LaTisha Boykin
Life saver

I’m in love with everything Fromm the hoop guides to the delivery and packaging❤️
And the extra perk that was sent with my order was such a pleasant surprise. Thank you for such amazing service. You have a customer for life🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩