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Peace Sign No.2 Cutter (Pairs) - handmade earrings - handcrafted earrings - Saint Petersburg, Florida
Peace Sign No.2 Cutter (Mirrored)

Peace Sign No.2 Cutter (Mirrored)

Hello Myrrh Shape Cutters are 3D printed from PLA, a biodegradable plastic. They are specifically designed to be used with Polymer Clay.

3D Clay Cutter Features:

  • 13mm cutter depth 
  • A base of 2mm to support an easy cut out
  • A sharp cutting edge of approx. 0.4 mm                            
  • Measurements have been printed on the side of every cutter
  • This cutter does NOT have guide holes    

Parts are cleaned up for any strings after printing but are not sanded. Due to the batch nature of this process, color may vary and lead time may be up to 3 weeks.

Tip: For any cutters that are small or have impression line, I HIGHLY recommend using water or cornstarch (I personally use HD Powder from e.l.f) to keep your clay from getting stuck in the cutter. Otherwise, expect your clay to get stuck in small areas that may be difficult to get out.

For Care Instructions

Size 30mm set

Only left in stock