Product Care

Your newest Hello Myrrh purchase deserves tender loving care.

Here's how you take care of each of your acrylic, brass and clay pieces.

ACRYLIC - acrylic is a porous material that can be wiped clean with a supersoft microfiber cloth, or something that won’t scratch. If you don’t have a microfiber cloth available, you can rinse with a pea size of mild soap and warm water, then pat dry. There are some acrylic safe cleaners on the market - the one I recommend and personally use is NOVUS. Do not use alcohol or denatured solutions, as it will cause your acrylic to crack over time.

MASKED ACRYLIC - Custom blanks and other acrylic tools will arrive with paper masking on it to protect them during shipment. Be sure to peel the paper off of both sides of your item. From there follow the care instructions given above on how to care for your acrylic pieces. 

BRASS - raw brass is an incredible medium that patinas over time by itself. If you're not interested in the natural tarnishing that this raw metal has, you can do a few different things: Soak the brass piece in white distilled vinegar for 10 minutes and dry with a paper or microfiber towel - check out my brass cleaning tutorial here. Raw lemon juice (cut it open, and stick a Q-Tip in there!) and lightly buff in a circular motion to take off tarnish, Q-Tip in EVOO and lightly buff in a circular motion to restore shine, or BRASSO (make sure to wear gloves).

POLYMER CLAY - polymer clay is a flexible medium that is made of plastic. While your clay piece may be flexible, I do not recommend testing the limits of your clay by overexerting or flexing it. Makeup stains can be cleaned off of non-painted or sealed clay with Alcohol and a Q-Tip, but it is best to use a soft rag to gently buff your pieces. It is highly recommended that you keep your jewelry in a light colored pouch when storing or traveling with them to prevent color transfer from darker items

Important reminders for jewelry:

  • Please store your earrings out of direct sunlight
  • Minimize exposure to excessive heat, water and perfumes
  • While pieces are strong, please avoid bending or dropping as breakages can still occur
  • Hooks are handmade and may dull overtime, a gentle buff with a cotton cloth will restore their shine
  • Clay components can be wiped with a damp cloth and then buffed with a microfibre cloth to return luster 
  • Store in a lined jewelry drawer or in a jewelry cabinet/display


Important reminders for shape cutters and tools:

  • Do not leave in direct sunlight or expose to temperatures over 60 degrees (not oven or dishwasher safe!) unless noted in description
  • Wash with warm soapy water. Wipe between uses to avoid color transfer.
  • While durable, do not stress beyond intended use or apply horizontal pressure.
  • Not suitable for children due to small parts.