Meet the Maker

Hey, it's Murlene. What ever brought you to my little corner of the internet, thank you. This little shop was born during quarantine as a way for me to light the creative fire inside me while I was home. I never thought I was a creative person or an artist until I got my hands on Polymer clay.

I hope you can feel at home here. I hope you find something you love and I hope you leave happy!

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Ava Dagger | Peacock Party
Alexia Diaz

These are so fun! Despite their size, they are very light-weight - it almost felt like I didn’t have them on! They are very well made, and the different colors go with just about anything.

Nicci in Hammered bronze
Leo Danso
Loved every single one

I love the designs of these pieces. I can truly make them my own with how I style them. 😎

Adobe - Hammered Brass
Bridget McAlonan
So good...

These earrings are balanced and light.

I was able to VERY comfortably wear them with a KN95 mask for 2 days in a row and be sane. My ears are happy. I love these.

Jelly Hoops - Clear
I’m obsessed

I’m in love with these earrings! They are so cute and unique. I bought these along with some other beautiful earrings and I love them all. They arrived incredibly quickly and the artist was so sweet to include a gift in my order. Will definitely be ordering from Hello Myrrh again!


I love these earrings even more in person then I did when I saw them online. You can never go wrong with Hello Myrrh earrings.

Stripe Tool - Small
Lourdes Gutierrez
Excellent cutter

This cutter makes perfect lines that I am not able to do due to shaky hands. Plus the seller was kind enough to correct a mistake with my shipping so I am so happy with this company.

Misfit Cutter Grab Bag
Absolutely love them!!!

Such a great deal and the cutters are amazing

Fluorescent Pink and Gold Matisse Flower
Katy Grindstaff

Murlene was great to work with. She combined an existing shape with a new color she released with me and I couldn’t be more happy with the result. The packaging is beautiful and well thought out and her pieces have a special touch!

Rattan Texture Clay Roller
Erika Besecker
Best of the Best

This texture roller is amazing! Some rollers I have, have clay get stuck to it but not this one! Will be purchasing more!

Mini Fruit Cutter 6-Pack
Alyssa Bradley
Always great!

Always great cutters tools and clay! My go to place for supplies :)

Misfit Cutter Grab Bag
Cortney Nock
Loveee !!

The misfit bag is the perfect way to test your creativity with cutters you didn’t even know you wanted :) I’m super happy with my purchase and will be adding them to all orders in the future !

Damask Leaves Texture Clay Roller
Gabriella Rich

Damask Leaves Texture Clay Roller

Patchwork Tool - Square
Karen Hurl
Patch work

I absolutely love my patch work cutter

Mirror Iridescent Beach Components 6-Pack
Lizmara Torres
In Love

They are perfect and súper beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Heishi Bead Cutters
In love

As always will be buying again!!

Asymmetric Arch Cutter (Mirrored)

Asymmetric Arch Cutter (Mirrored)

Round Hoop Guides (Set Of 2)
Hunter Hubbard

Round Hoop Guides (Set Of 2)

Zahara - Chartreuse
Love these!!

Cute and made so well! I also love this color so much <3

Patchwork Tool - Square

Loved using this for my patchwork marbles. Made the process so much easier. Such an inventive tool.

Stripe Tool - Medium
Jordyn Greaves

Super convenient! Love it.

Misfit Cutter Grab Bag
Krizia Gutiérrez
Misfit grab bag

I receive a pair of earrings, a chicle, a pensante and other cutter in perfect condition. In love with the cutters and the shapes. Excelent quality

Patchwork Tool - Square
Hannah Evans
At last

I have been trying to make stone collage earrings for months now. When I saw that Hello Myrhh made a tool to help I immediately bought both. I love them. They are so easy to use and they cut beautifully. 10/10 would recommend that every maker snag at least one of these tools

Patchwork Tool - Square
Laura Sullivan
I love this tool!

I have had so much fun playing around with the patchwork tool and have ended up making some really cool pieces with it. Such a genius idea. Thank you!

Earring stick (set of 2)
kamoree love
Clear earring sticks

These sticks are amazing nice size to grip to show case earrings this has two sides one with two holes the other end with one hole

Half Circle
Great product!

Quality product as always and the guide holes are very helpful